March 19, 2019 2 min read


Are you always tired? Gaining weight? Eating soy? Then you might want to look into your thyroid!

That butterfly shaped organ in your body is something you may be taking a prescription for right now!

Raise your hand if you’re on thyroid meds! 🙋


Did you know that your thyroid uses iodine to create the hormones T3 and T4? These hormones regulate your body’s temperature, metabolism and heart rate. Think about it as the organ that helps convert your food into energy and gets you going every day! More on those hormones another time, though.

I want to talk about soy, instead. Many of you may be using soy as a substitute for dairy (or just simply in your stir fry!), but it's got some unhealthy impacts.

Soy, while super tasty, is also super negative to your thyroid as it inhibits the absorption of iodine.

Remember that your thyroid needs iodine to make necessary hormones for your body to give you energy? Without the proper iodine absorption, your thyroid has to work harder.

Now you’re tired each day. Your body starts to sag - it takes everything you’ve got just to make it another minute. Another hour.😩

Then your pituitary gland and hypothalamus have to get involved!

Think of your hypothalamus as the top dog in the situation. It’s the boss. It notices that not enough hormones are being produced, so it tells the pituitary to do something about it. Your pituitary, not wanting to get into trouble with “the boss”, releases a thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) to get the thyroid to produce more T3 and T4.

But wait! The thyroid CAN’T produce those hormones, because it doesn’t have the necessary iodine to create them!

Now do you see the problem?

The pituitary is beating a dead horse, pardon the idiom.

In other words, your thyroid is now overworked but not producing the desired results; so the pituitary continually sends out more and more signals to work harder.

Your poor thyroid.


  1. Learn what products contain soy. Not everything is labeled as such (like soy milk or soy sauce) and you may not know about them, such as edamame, tofu and many cereals and/or processed foods. All of these have soy, so read your labels carefully!
  2. Take a moment to ask: Am I on thyroid meds? Have I been feeling tired lately? Am I noticing weight gain? Do I eat a lot of soy? Make a decision to lessen your soy intake, if not remove it entirely. See if your energy increases and your weight comes off! Talk to your doctor about your thyroid med dosage.
  3. Consider ReGenerZyme® Thyroid nutritional supplement to support your thyroid daily and protect it from radiation and electromagnetic fields. ❤️
    1. The iodine in this nutritional supplement is necessary to the thyroid for creating the hormones needed to give you more energy and reduce fatigue. It also contains glandulars to replenish the nutrients and hormones produced by your own thyroid. Grab a bottle today!