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It started with Dr. Dick Versendaal.

Over his 50-plus years of chiropractic practice, Dr. Versendaal developed a method of analysis that reveals imbalances in the subtle energies of the body. With this knowledge, he founded Contact Reflex Analysis®. Imbalances of the energies of the body can cause one to become unhealthy.

Taught by his father, a Dutch immigrant and man of faith, about the fundamentals of wellness and the importance of nutrition, Dr. Versendaal used CRA and nutrition—herbs and oils—to help his patients find healing from the syndromes and symptoms they experienced.

A healer who selflessly shared his knowledge and heart with those who asked, Dr. Versendaal was always advocating and searching for answers for his patients.

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Ver is for Versendaal and Vita means life.

Founded by his children, Dawn Hoezee and Bryan Versendaal, Dr. Versendaal’s values and his desire for people to find healing continue with VerVita.

VerVita’s products are uniquely formulated with the highest quality ingredients and work to address the root cause, supporting the body as it heals and finds its balanced function again. By addressing more than just a single syndrome, VerVita offers hope and healing to those pursuing wellness and a healthy life..

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Remembering and carrying on.

God’s goodness and faithfulness continue for the Versendaal family, even through two unexpected and significant events. Within 18 months the earthly lives of Dr. Versendaal and Bryan ended. Dr. Versendaal passed away in a tragic car accident on February 27, 2014. In spite of their grief, Dawn and Bryan continued to work together to carry on their dad’s legacy of love and service. Then on November 14, 2015, Bryan unexpectedly passed away.

Heartbreak and tragedy is a part of VerVita’s story; but this is not the full story. Our story continues with a strong faith that has been challenged but not destroyed as Dawn carries on the legacy of her family by reaching out to love, to serve and to offer hope.

We have hope and expectant faith that there is more to your story—and ours—that includes love, restoration, healing and wholeness. It is an honor to be part of it.