March 10, 2020 6 min read

This morning I absentmindedly opened my slider door and loudly called out, “Hello!” Then I stopped and thought, “What the heck did I do that for?” I meant to call in my dog, Raza. Instead, I called out a greeting to the world. I just laughed at myself and waved at the flock of geese flying overhead and honking greetings back at me. 

Yup, sometimes I just have to laugh because I can do some wackadoodle things!

Right now, the excuse I give is that my brain is working overtime. The energy in the past two weeks surrounding the coronavirus has been intense. There is so much fear and anxiety over what IS happening and what MIGHT happen that it feels overwhelming. Yes, I can literally feel the intensity of the energy. You probably can, too.

Feeling Energy?

What do I mean when I talk about “feeling the energy”? It’s a real thing.

Think about how you feel when you are really excited about something that is going to happen. You are going on vacation. You have front row seats to an amazing event. You are going to see your kids/grandkids for the first time in a long time. You are getting married. What is it that would make you feel so excited? Think about that.

The energy created by the excitement surges through your entire being. You may not be able to sleep because your brain is just buzzing with anticipation and thinking about how awesome everything is going to be. It can even be a challenge to focus on daily tasks because that’s not what you want to think about.

Energy is Not All Positive

Unfortunately, the current energy around the globe is not due to anticipation and excitement. It is fear-based. Many are living in a “what if…” energy. Worst-case scenarios are played over and over again like a broken record. It’s exhausting! What if I get the coronavirus? What if I can’t go to work? What if my kids get the coronavirus? What if my parents or grandparents get the coronavirus? 

Just like the energy of excitement, energy of fear and worry can also affect your whole body and even your sleep as your brain is buzzing with “what ifs”. But instead of feeling a positive energy, you may feel an underlying anxiousness, irritability or even anger. Fear can also deplete your energy leaving you feeling lethargic, exhausted, and/or depressed. It is also a constant stress on your immune system, which at a time like this you want to be strong and healthy. 

To be clear, I am not making light of sickness or death. My heart goes out to those whose lives are forever changed because of health issues and/or loss of loved ones. Healing from this type of pain deserves the focus as a separate topic in a later post. 

I wish the solution was as simple as, “Stop being afraid, and quit worrying.” 

And everyone would say, “Ok, I’ll stop.” 


Everything is fixed and all are at peace once again. 

Unfortunately, it rarely—if ever—works that way.

The Emotional Response

Emotions are a beautiful part of our being. Emotional messages most often come from our heart, which science has shown to have a brain of its own. It has also been shown that the heart sends more messages to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.

The overwhelming fear people are feeling right now is not because of an immediate danger that says, “Run! Get to safety!” That kind of fear is necessary as it provides the energy needed to do whatever it takes to get to safety. 

The current fear is from the heart. It is the heart that is afraid of the what ifs. It is a heart that loves deeply, and it is afraid when it imagines scenes of sickness and loss. I understand. My heart has some Grand Canyon size holes in it, and I cannot imagine saying good-bye to one more person I love. Fear can set in quickly if I allow it.

Instead, I pray and meditate allowing God to fill me to overflowing with hope, peace and love. During this time, I allow my heart to have a voice and to tell the story of what or why it is afraid. Too often the brain interrupts the heart with logic before it can even voice the fear. The brain wants to protect the heart, but logic cannot counter the speed and intensity of emotions. For example, I won’t watch horror movies. I know logically it is just a movie, but my emotions—fear—will have me curled up in terror, often for a greater length of time than the movie itself. 

Where Do You Start?

So, in this time of intense energy because everyone is on high alert take time to let both your brain and heart speak. Start with your heart. 

    1. Gratitude. Science has shown the benefits of gratitude. Start each day listing 10 or more things you are grateful for. Try to list different things every day. You can’t focus on those things you are grateful for and on fear at the same time. If you say, “Yes, I can! I am grateful for my family and that makes me afraid they will get sick.” Then you are focusing on fear. You see them sick. Focus on seeing them healthy and well. Remember and enjoy all the good things that are still in the present as you interact with your family.  
    2. Tell the Story. If there is still anxiousness, fear, worry, etc. let your heart speak. What is the story of your heart? Why is it worried? Why is it afraid? Some may talk with a counselor, therapist or clergy. I “talk” to my heart daily. It has a lot to say, and my brain is learning to listen before offering its logic and solutions. 
    3. Make a Plan.There is fear when everything seems hopeless and you have power to do nothing. Thankfully, there are many things we can do, and many are common sense things we have known for decades. Your body was created to heal itself. You have an amazing immune system that will battle unhealthy viruses, bacteria, etc. The best plan is to support your immune system so it can do its job and keep you healthy. It’s called prevention. 

It's Not Too Late

You may have had years of an unhealthy lifestyle, but maybe now is the time to change that. Don’t let fear or hopelessness make the decision for you. Start a new chapter to your story. Make a decision and create a plan to change the situation. One. Step. At. A. Time.

  • Hydrate. Your cells are 60% or more water. They need to be hydrated to be able to function properly. Water also flushes out toxins. Add a slice of lemon to promote a healthy pH balance.
  • Replace junk food filled with processed sugar, chemicals, preservatives, etc. with fresh fruit and vegetables. 
  • Get sleep. Stop scrolling through social media posts, watching the news, or working until the wee hours of the morning. If fact, stop watching or listening to the news. Period. It just feeds fear.
  • Get moving. This will look different for everyone, but the goal is to increase activity. If you are physically capable to walk several miles, do it. If you cannot, then do what you can. For some, this means walking around the house for 2 minutes before having to sit down again. Others may need to remain sitting but can put on music to sing and dance. You get to decide. What does, “get moving” mean to you?

VerVita Products Options

Another step you can take is nutritional supplements and essential oils to support a healthy immune system. The combo Dr. Dick Versendaal would recommend from VerVita Products is...

  • Immune Support (Prevention):
    1-3 Immune-Rmor to support your immune system as it protects and defends against harmful microorganisms that can make people sick. It nourishes your spleen/thymus, an important organ/gland for your immune system.
    1-3 InspiraCell to support your immune system and those important organs that produce energy—your heart and brain.
    1-3 Cir-Q Tonic not only supports a healthy immune system and blood, it also supports your liver, kidneys and bladder that need to filter and get rid of the junk and debris that is released as your body heals.
    1 drop Elite Harmony essential oil topically on hands, bottom of feet and/or lower back.
    1 bath or footbath per week with 10 drops Elite Harmony and 2 cups Epsom salt. 
  • Immune Support (Heal):At the first sign of symptoms, increase hydration and rest, cut out junk food and sugar totally, eat easy-to-digest healthy meals, and increase nutritional support to provide your body with nutrients and fuel to heal. 
    • Increase the dose to 3-4 times per day (instead of 1 time) to provide your immune system nutrients and fuel for energy and healing throughout the day. You can also take a bath or footbath with Epsom salt and essential oils several times per week.

I pray this blessing for each one of you as we walk this journey together:
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13