Cork Heel Lifts (10 Pack)

Heel Lift Size

The Heel Lift needs to fit inside the heel part of the shoe.
Our innovative cork heel lifts are designed to fit many types of shoes and boots. They are lightweight and made from high-quality cork covered with soft vinyl. The lift's beveled edges prevent curling in closed heeled shoes, and the lift is tapered at the front for a smooth transition from arch to foot.

Primary Benefits

  • Raise one or both heels to align the structures.
  • Support the joints such as knees, hips and shoulders.
  • Support the heart and other organs of the body that benefit from a strong, balanced structure.
  • Support the nervous system through which all organs, glands and structures receive energy.


Note: Heel lifts are not sold as pairs. A 10 pack has exactly 10 heel lifts.

    • Sizing Guide

      Available Sizes:

      Heel Lift B1 (5mm)

      • Toddler shoes

      Heel Lift C1 (7mm)

      • Women's shoe size 5-6.5
      • Youth shoe size 1-3.5

      Heel Lift C2 (7mm)

      • Women's shoe size 7-8.5
      • Men's shoe size 6-7
      • Youth shoe size 4-5

      Heel Lift C3 (7mm)

      • Women's shoe size 9-11
      • Men's shoe size 7.5-9.5

      Heel Lift C4 (7mm)

      • Women's shoe size 11.5 and larger
      • Men's shoe size 10-12

      Heel Lift C5 (7mm)

      • Men's shoe size 13 and larger

      Note: The recommendations above are only a guide to cork heel lift sizes. Since most of the heel lifts are the same thickness, begin by choosing the size that fits most securely into the heel portion of the shoe(s). If possible, actually insert the cork heel lift into shoe to test fit. Shoes may require different size cork heel lifts (e.g. woman’s high heel dress shoe vs. woman’s hiking boot).

      *VerVita heel lifts work well with CRA-flex® orthotics by Foot Levelers

    • Key Materials

      Cork: The cork oak tree can be found in Spain, Italy, France and North America. Its outer layer of bark can be stripped off several times during a 200-year lifespan without causing any harm to the tree. This makes cork a great renewable resource, good for the environment, durable and cost effective. A cork heel lift is soft to stand on and helps those who have back, knee and hip problems by bringing their posture back into alignment.