Essential Oils Kit

Our bodies function as a unit. When one part of our body has pain, it effects the whole. And, just like the different parts of our bodies, our essential oil blends are designed to work in tandem, providing your body with the support it needs to find balance and healing.

Unlike most essential oil companies which often lead you to invest in multiple oils to create your own blends, VerVita provides you with six simple and unique blends, all of which work together to help you maintain a healthy body.

Our essential oil kit contains six blends with key oils such as frankincense, lavender, peppermint, and ylang ylang, which, when blended, have a powerful healing effect. Each of our unique oil blends work to promote health and balance in the body.

Do more with less with the VerVita essential oils kit.

The kit includes:

  • Black Cumin, 5mL
  • Elite Harmony®, 5mL
  • Heart Harmony®, 5mL
  • Immune Harmony®, 5mL
  • Present Moment, 5mL
  • Sore to Soar®, 5mL
  • Essential Oils Brochure

Note: For more information on a specific essential oil, visit the product page.

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