As a health professional, you know the human body and understand how it works as one integrated system. You want to see your patients reach their optimal health.

The problem?

The market is overwhelmed with information on possible solutions and companies that offer hundreds of products—one for every symptom or syndrome.

  • This leads to your office shelves overflowing with nutritional supplements and essential oils. Your inventory costs are high.
  • Patients have difficulty complying as they are overwhelmed with the number of products needed as well as the cost.

  • How can you and your patients possibly keep up with the ever-expanding line of products?

    VerVita makes it simple and keeps your cost low.

    Help your patients heal, find more energy and improve their life with products that address more than just a symptom—products that support total healing.

    Address the root cause!

    At VerVita, we believe the body works together as a whole; one integrated system of organs, glands and structures. If one area is not functioning optimally, a backup organ or system will work overtime to compensate for an imbalance of optimal function or balance. Symptoms often occur in the organ, gland or structure that is compensating and working overtime; but not necessarily in the area of imbalance, which we refer to as the root cause. If the root cause is addressed, the supporting organs go back into balance and symptoms resolve.

    VerVita helps to restore homeostasis by combining high-quality ingredients into specifically designed formulas that support not just one part of the body, but multiple parts that work together. In this manner the root cause can be addressed and not just the symptom. VerVita does more with less, which will reduce your inventory costs and empower you to offer optimal results for your patients.

    VerVita products are specially formulated to support and assist the body as it works as a whole:

  • Digestive system
  • Cardiovascular/Circulatory system
  • Neurological system
  • Excretory system
  • Immune system
  • Hormone system
  • Ecosystem
  • Structural system
  • Partner with VerVita

    We’re proud to offer products that are changing lives. Join us on this journey.

    As a VerVita partner, you can take advantage of:
  • Wholesale pricing
  • No minimum orders
  • Reduced inventory with patient direct ordering
  • Dedicated customer service and ordering support
  • Honest product labeling
  • Turn-key sales and display kits
  • Product information and education

  • VerVita retailer accounts are for board-licensed/certified, practicing physicians (4+ year degree in a health field) who recommend nutritional supplements and/or essential oils to their patients. Proof of license and active practice will be required.

    Become A Retailer