Immune Harmony®


Immune Harmony is a powerful blend of therapeutic-grade oils that supports the immune filtering system—the sinuses, tonsils, lymph glands, spleen, liver, kidneys, and bladder. When these are not functioning optimally, symptoms including allergies, head colds, coughs, eczema, urinary tract infections, headaches and more can occur.

Primary Benefits

  • Supports the immune system through its natural antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  • Immune Harmony is VerVita’s number one essential oil to support the immune system in fighting bacteria such as streptococcus (strep).
  • Assists in balancing overworked adrenals.
  • Supports the body in balancing and healing overwhelmed kidneys and bladder.
  • Helps the body flush out toxins.
  • Supports the digestive system in getting rid of excess debris and toxins.

    • Why it Works

      Immune Harmony is a powerful blend that maximizes the effectiveness of the body’s immune filtering systems (the sinuses, tonsils, lymph glands, spleen, liver, kidneys, and bladder) as they filter, detoxify and cleanse the body’s biochemical pathways.

      Think about it. The body’s filtering systems can be overwhelmed by many things; environmental toxins, insect bites, poison ivy, electromagnetic frequencies from power lines, television, cell phones and computers, chemicals in our food, clothing, carpet and furniture, microwave heated food, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and even emotions. When excess spills over, it affects everything it touches. Think about heavy rain; the rushing water creates a flash flood that spills into a city’s sewage system. Debris overflows as the system becomes overwhelmed. It’s similar to what happens when excess food is dumped into a garbage disposal; the blade stops spinning and food and water start backing up.

      The same thing happens with our bodies. Sick energy and food, chemicals, and dead and dying sick bacteria (heroically destroyed by a healthy immune system) have to be filtered through our body. When too much is pushed through too fast, the body’s immune filtering system also suffers. Toxins back up into the body affecting the function of other organs and systems.

      The blend of oils in Immune Harmony supports the body by creating a hygienic response in the body’s filtering-immune system. When excess backs up into the body, multiple symptoms and syndromes occur. These include allergies, head colds, coughs, eczema, rashes, urinary tract infections, swollen tonsils, fever, headaches and dry eyes, varicose veins, cystitis, and cellulitis.

    • Key Ingredients

      Tea Tree is an effective natural antiseptic that contains broad-spectrum, antimicrobial properties. It is ideal for supporting a body fighting viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and assists the body in detoxification. Thyme,with its antibacterial and antiviral properties, is known for stimulating white blood cells and strengthening the immune system. Lavender helps the body calm, relax, and cleanse. Cinnamon bark acts upon the immune system by stimulating circulation and supporting digestion through its antimicrobial (viral, bacterial) activities. Black Currant, high in antioxidants and vitamin C has been used for bladder infections, inflammation, and intestinal issues. Artichoke promotes bile flow which supports and cleanses the digestive system. Elecampane acts as an expectorant. Black Cumin supports the body working to calm, balance, and regulate the immune system.

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