Kalmz provides nutritional support for the body that needs to release physical pain and emotional stress. It also calms the toxic chaos that may overwhelm the body by denaturing (neutralizing) toxins from food, emotions, and/or the environment.

Primary Benefits

  • Quiets intense emotions and settles an overactive brain.
  • Assists in bringing calm to overworked bones and joints so they can move back into balance and rhythm.
  • Supports the body in neutralizing toxins and bacteria that accumulate in the body due to emotions, stress, pain, environment, and diet.

  • Why it Works

    When life seems anything but calm, Kalmz assists the body in releasing physical pain and emotional stress. Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, anger, fear, negative emotions, and/or a broken heart can launch the brain and nervous system into “roller coaster” mode. Stress and pain flood the system, and the body is forced to manage the highs and lows.

    Physical and emotional pain often go hand in hand; one can cause the other. For example, emotional pain may cause physical pain in the spine as it will twist, turn and even swell to support an overwhelmed heart and brain. Organs such as the stomach and bladder may become overwhelmed by toxic chemistries created by stress and emotional pain. The result is physical pain, which creates more emotional pain. The cycle continues.

    There is no substitute for a healthy diet, appropriate exercise, and times of rest and restoration. Yet for some, that’s not enough. The herbs, vitamins, and minerals in Kalmz have been used for years to release pain and stress and bring calm and balance to the body, physically and emotionally. The herbs in this vegetarian formula gently assist the body in detoxifying negative chemistries that affect the brain, stomach, bladder, and other organs in the body.

  • Key Ingredients

    Amino acids: The essential amino acid l-tryptophan is a calming neurotransmitter that increases the brain’s levels of serotonin and melatonin. It is beneficial for anxiety, migraines, food cravings, and certain types of depression.

    Herbs: Valerian root, hops, and passionflower are nature’s calming sedatives for the central nervous system. Used to decrease stress, anxiety, fear, and restlessness and increase concentration. These herbs are also known to alleviate stress and pain caused by nervous tension and inflamed nerves.

    Minerals: A minute amount of lithium has been added to bring balance and calm to the brain. Lithium stabilizes nerves and moods and may alleviate recurrent depression and headaches. Lithium improves learning and memory capabilities.

    Ribonucleic acid (RNA): RNA plays a vital role in the genetic function and transfer of information within each cell. RNA supports brain memory and function.

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