Royal Wonder®


This soothing blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils supports the brain and the heart as it releases stuck emotions that may have resulted from PTSD, trauma, abuse, and/or other pain.  As it releases, it becomes more open to receiving and once again experiences the wonder found in the beauty of day-to-day life. It is also a blend that supports hormone balance in women and men.

Primary Benefits

  • Supports the heart/brain when addressing and releasing stored trauma.
  • Provides support for one managing overwhelming emotions.
  • Contains essential oils historically used to balance hormones.

    • Why it Works

      Royal Wonder’s aromatic blend of therapeutic grade essential oils assists in uncovering stored trauma in order to free the heart and brain to see and experience the beauty and “wonder” of each day. Dr. Dick Versendaal called the heart the queen bee and Royal Wonder™ flawlessly supports and honors the heart. The aromatic fragrance of Royal Wonder™ will make you smell and feel like royalty. It is a perfect replacement for perfumes, which are synthetic fragrances and not always healthy for the body.

      Think about it. The heart and brain are in constant communication, both sending messages to each other. The heart, however, sends more messages to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. In the case of trauma, the heart may not be able to fully express and release the pain. It becomes stored and the heart becomes a slave to the story of pain and trauma. The brain will work overtime to support the traumatized heart.

      Royal Wonder supports the heart and brain communication in order to free the heart from stored abuse and trauma. When used with a combination of VerVita’s other essential oils, Royal Wonder™ will energetically shine a light on the area where trauma is stored. All roads of healing lead back to the heart!

      Additionally, the unique Royal Wonder™ blend contains essential oils that have been historically used to assist with balancing emotions and hormones. 

    • Key Ingredients

      Studies have shown that Bergamotmay reduce pain, emotional stress, feelings of anxiousness, and depression and increase circulation. Lemon is useful in supporting the detoxification of lymph, liver, kidneys, etc. Studies also have shown that Tangerine may soothe inflammation and relax spasms of muscles and nerves. Geranium has historically been used to reduce inflammation, assist in relieving menstrual and menopause symptoms, and balance mood swings and feelings of depression. Palmarosa is comforting and calming. This in turn may reduce nervousness, anxiety, fear, resentment, and anger. Ylang Ylang assists in balancing hormone energy and blood flow/circulation. It is relaxing, calming, and uplifting to counter stress and feelings of depression, which in turn helps reduce blood pressure. Roman Chamomile (found in Earl Grey tea) is known to have calming effects. Sandalwood assists in reducing inflammation, stress, and feelings of anxiety, while also stimulating brain function and memory and supporting hormone balance for men and women. It has meditative and relaxing qualities. Jasmine assists the body and mind in overcoming stress, balancing hormones, improving mood, and calming. It is often used when assisting one in clearing trauma and abuse. Rose Otto opens heart pathways for healing and resolving trauma and feelings of depression. Coriander Seed (cilantro is the leaf of this plant) supports the body that needs to ease the mind, calm fear, and stimulate energy.

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